About us

We have come together, collaborating in a way that mirrors the company ethos, uniting inventor, funder, service provider and service designer, to make an innovative idea a reality. Our vision of a virtual global community forming an innovation ecosystem is born out through our distributed team structure. We are based in the UK, Switzerland and Indonesia.

Georg A. Roth
Founder and director
Aerospace engineer, inventor and advisor specialised in transforming organisations, industrial structures and business processes to the needs of global and digital business models.
Jeremy Cummin
Investor, entrepreneur, business mentor, digital healthcare specialist and business advisor.
Christina Stampfli
Director Product Management & Service Design
Digital product manager, design strategist, and cyber risk consultant with experience in seasoned B2C and B2B corporations as well as startups in Zurich, London, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and New York, covering industries such as Banking, Technology, and Architecture.
Jim Holt
UX/UI design
Creative and strategic designer across a wide range of sectors in Europe and US, with a penchant for helping startups.


Nick Wallis
Partner, Deal advisory at Gerald Edelman
Nick advises around all aspects of M&A deals, from advising buyers and sellers to those looking for investment, and has a focus on the lower mid-market space.
Michael Downing
Patent and trade mark attorney at Downing IP
Helping inventors through the IP system, securing protection for their ideas and brands, and defending them from third party claims of infringement.

Our values and ethos

We engage in helping people who help the world. We invite inventors, corporates and investors from a wide range of industries, business domains and countries to help innovations to thrive.

We lower the barrier to entry into the innovation market by minimising time, energy and money consuming processes.
We distil a wide range of industry and intellectual property expertise into comprehensive guidance and simple to follow processes.
We match people with service providers in an exacting way, to support them through the innovation life cycle.
We orchestrate conversations and collaboration between all stakeholders of innovation.
We understand the value of ideas, and the risks that can be involved in sharing them, and so operate a system built around confidentiality, safety and security.
We do not support any inventions which violate the terms of any embargo restrictions and which:
  • – is unlawful, harmful, threatening, defamatory, obscene, infringing, harassing or racially or ethnically offensive;
  • – facilitates illegal activity;
  • – promotes unlawful violence;
  • – is discriminatory based on race, gender, colour, religious belief, sexual orientation, disability; or
  • – is otherwise illegal or causes damage or injury to any person or property.